You. Yes, you.

The generations before you have some strong opinions about you. These opinions are mostly incorrect, but their interpretation of the evidence has some merit. Don’t be offended. You will do the same with the generation that follows you. Because you don’t like labels, you might not know that we call you “Generation Y” or “Millennials.” That label is given to those individuals who are born between the late 1970s and the late 1990s. The Generation X people (my people) are still debating the exact date range.

Before you are the Gen-Xr’s who were born between 1965 and late 1970s. Before them were the Baby Boomers who were born between 1946 and 1964. Those born before the Boomers are called Traditionalists or Veterans. The Veterans know about hardship and discipline. They understand the military world and respect authority. The Boomers know about hard work and education. They are the “workaholics.” They have lived their lives in order to get ahead in the workplace. This group began the whole personal development craze. Generation Xr’s have watched the Boomers and are concerned about work/life balance. They are the “latch-key” kids who have grown up to be independent and cynical. Your group, the “Y’s,” have been able to see the Boomers and the X’rs, and you have made some conclusions about how to live life. It seems that your kind prefer challenging work, as long as it is meaningful. You are a generation defined by the Internet, and connected to everyone everywhere.

To be continued…


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